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Since 1988, Wakefield Acoustics Ltd. has provided consulting engineering services aimed at delivering practical solutions for a broad range of acoustical design and environmental/community and occupational noise-related challenges.  Our projects range from the small and personal (e.g., residential heat pump noise control, acoustical privacy and footstep noise control in condominiums) to the large and public (acoustic design and noise impact assessment and control for major infrastructure projects such as highways, airports, schools and hospitals).

Over six decades of collective experience in both the public and private sectors has provided our staff with comprehensive knowledge of the technical, social and political complexities of dealing with noise in today’s world.  This knowledge encompasses the concerns and needs of those exposed to noise, those who make noise and those charged with regulating and/or controlling it.

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  • Provide practical, cost-effective solutions for the often unique acoustical design and/or noise and vibration assessment and control challenges faced by our clients.
  • Consider not only the technical and financial aspects of an assignment, but also the regulatory and political environments within which the solution must be delivered.

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Services available through Wakefield Acoustics

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