Best Western Dorchester Hotel

The Best Western Dorchester Hotel is a 70 room hotel located in downtown Nanaimo with a nightclub located in their basement. The hotel received several complaints from guests, located two floors above the nightclub, who were being disturbed by music from the nightclub sound system. Wakefield Acoustics Ltd. were asked to assess the severity of the noise problem, determine the dominant sound transmission paths, and provide recommendations for reducing noise levels within the affected hotel guest rooms. Through measuring music sound levels at various locations within the nightclub and hotel, and by reviewing construction of hotel walls and floors, it was determined that “low-frequency” bass noise was travelling upwards from the nightclub through hotel walls to the guest rooms. An engineering report was provided to the hotel recommending ways in which the speaker layout in the pub could be modified to minimize the transmission of sound into hotel walls and ceiling and also recommending an appropriate overall decibel level limit for the nightclub.