Friendship Community Church

Friendship 2

Friendship Community Church is located at 7820 Central Road in Saanich, BC near the Victoria International Airport. In 2005, Wakefield Acoustics Ltd. was retained by Jack James Architects to provide acoustical design services in relation to the planned expansion of the church. The design services included computer modeling of the sanctuary, including the unique pyramidal roof, using the room acoustics software ODEON. The model was used to make recommendations regarding the application of sound absorption materials (types, amounts, locations) to room surfaces to achieve appropriate “acoustical liveliness” (reverberation times) within the space. The model was also used to identify any undesirable sound focusing effects or echoes that could occur within the space, in particular as a result of the pyramidal shape of the ceiling. The sanctuary’s mechanical design was also reviewed and noise control measures were designed to achieve appropriate background noise levels.