Qualicum Beach Memorial Golf Course Clubhouse


Wakefield Acoustics Ltd. was retained by the Qualicum Beach Memorial Golf Course to assist in controlling excessive noise levels in the clubhouse. The interior surfaces of the clubhouse consisted primarily of large areas of drywall and glass and were therefore acoustically reflective. Such spaces often have excessive “reverberation times” (i.e. a measure of how long it takes acoustic energy to decay within an enclosed space) which, when many people are conversing at once, gives rise to the “cocktail party effect” in which people feel they must speak progressively louder and louder in order to be understood. Wakefield Acoustics Ltd. inspected the clubhouse space and measured the reverberation times. Based on the volume of the space and the required reduction in reverberation times (to control reverberant sound build up and render the space suitable for its intended purpose), an appropriate acoustical treatment was designed that involved applying fabric-covered fiberglass panels to the upper walls and ceiling of the clubhouse.