Royal Jubilee Hospital Patient Care Centre


Victoria’s The Royal Jubilee Hospital (RJH) is one of two tertiary care hospitals serving Vancouver Island (Victoria General Hospital is the other). While a new Diagnostic and Treatment Centre at RJH opened in 2002, the inpatient areas of the hospital (rest and recovery nursing wards) no longer met modern standards for patient care. In recognition of the need for a modern care facility, on May 4, 2007, the Provincial Government formally approved the 320, 000 square-foot Patient Care Centre (PCC) project.

Wakefield Acoustics Ltd. was retained to provide acoustical consulting services throughout the design-build process. An appropriate acoustical environment within a hospital is important for the well being of both patients and staff. Excessive noise levels can interfere with communication between doctors and nurses and between staff and patients, disturb patient rest and negatively impact the healing process. In recognition of the importance of acoustics The Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) emphasized the design of a hospital that would minimize such noise. Wakefield Acoustics Ltd.’s design services included provision of appropriate acoustical privacy between patient rooms and other spaces, control of mechanical system noise (both within and outside the hospital) and reverberation control within corridors, the lecture theatre and the Atrium lobby area. Subsequent to completion of the PCC, Wakefield Acoustics Ltd. was retained to conduct commissioning services to confirm that mechanical noise level targets had been achieved by conducting a detailed noise survey throughout the hospital

In addition to providing design and commissioning services, VIHA retained Wakefield Acoustics Ltd. to conduct extensive noise exposure studies in PCC wards and within the older RJH West and Royal Blocks. The results of this comparative study were presented and discussed in a detailed engineering report.