The Atrium


The Atrium Building, designed by D’Ambrosio Architecture and Urbanism, is a LEED-rated office building located in downtown Victoria’s which offers AAA office/retail space located around a six-storey central atrium. The atrium space is intended for public use during the daytime and provides a venue for public gatherings and other functions, including musical, events, during lunch hour and in the evenings. Wakefield Acoustics Ltd. joined the project team to provide a range of acoustical engineering services notably optimization of the atrium’s acoustical environment for its multiple intended uses. Modeling the atrium’s unique curved walls and vaulted roof was accomplished using the state-of-the art Bruel & Kjaer ODEON room acoustics software. The ODEON software was chosen for its ability to accurately model the reflection and diffusion of sound from the curved walls. Sufficient sound absorption was introduced into this large space by incorporating fiberglass-backed wooden strips into the curved wall sections separating the windows on each of the atriums six levels. The noise levels to be expected in the atrium during public and musical events were estimated so that the atrium’s glazing could be specified to adequately exclude such noise from the offices overlooking the atrium. Wakefield Acoustics Ltd. also assessed the potential for community noise impacts from building’s rooftop HVAC systems and designed noise control measures to ensure compliance with the City’s noise bylaw.