Vancouver International Airport Third Runway

Van Airport1

In 1991, Wakefield Acoustics Ltd.’s Principal, Clair Wakefield, provided expert review and support services to the Federal Environmental Assessment and Review Office (FEARO) panel charged with reviewing the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) prepared by Transport Canada (TC) in relation to the Third, or Parallel Runway, then planned for Vancouver International Airport. These services included review and critique of the Community Noise Impact Component of the EIA as prepared for TC by Mestre Greve Associates, attendance of public hearings and provision of technical support to the FEARO Panel. Although the Panel recommended that TC provide financial compensation to the Richmond residents that would be most-impacted by noise from operations on new runway, this did not occur.

After the Third runway had opened, legal counsel for Bridgeport area residents retained Wakefield Acoustics Ltd.’s to provide technical support in a Class Action Suit being brought against TC regarding noise impacts. The continuous noise monitoring that Wakefield Acoustics Ltd. conducted in Bridgeport demonstrated significant noise impacts from the new runway even through it was largely being used for arrivals only at the time. The class action suit was initially successful in Provincial Court. However, the decision was later overturned in the Supreme Court.