Rock Bay Remediation Project – Vibration Monitoring

Rock Bay1

The Rock Bay Remediation Project is a joint undertaking between BC Hydro and Transport Canada with the goal of removing coal-tar contaminated soil from the Rock Bay site. Concern was expressed by local building owners and the Victoria Heritage Society that ground-borne vibrations caused by excavation work could result in damage buildings in the area; some of which were structurally-weakened Heritage Buildings. In 2004, Wakefield Acoustics Ltd. was retained to develop maximum permissible levels of building vibrations and to conduct a baseline vibration monitoring program at all nearby buildings. The baseline vibration data was then used to assess whether or not excavation activities were increasing building vibration levels in the area. After successful completion of the baseline vibration monitoring, Wakefield Acoustics continued to provide owner’s engineers services to ensure that the active building vibration monitoring during excavation was being properly conducted.