The Gateway Program – Port Mann/Highway 1 (PMH1) and South Fraser Perimeter Road (SFPR)


The Gateway Program was established by the Province of British Columbia in 2003 in response to the impact of growing regional congestion, and to improve the movement of people, good and transit throughout Metro Vancouver with efficient transportation choices.

The Port Mann/Highway 1 Improvement Project (PMH1)includes construction of a new 10-lane Part Mann Bridge, removing the existing crossing, widening the highway, upgrading interchanges and improving access and safety on Highway 1. The project spans approximately 37 kilometers.

The South Fraser Perimeter Road (SFPR) is a key component of the Gateway Program and has been part of regional plans for over 20 years and will take a significant step toward completing the network of major roads in Metro Vancouver.

Wakefield Acoustics Ltd. was asked by the Ministry of Transportation (MoT) to complete a noise impact assessment of both projects as part of the multi-disciplinary Environmental Impact Assessment teams. The noise impact assessment involved:

  • establishing baseline (pre-project) noise levels at residential sites and schools along the routes,
  • predicting post-project traffic noise levels and construction noise levels and corresponding impacts at affected residential locations,
  • applying the MoT Policy for Mitigating Highway Noise to determine whether or not mitigation consideration was warranted at affected residential locations,
  • preparing the “Noise Impact” chapters of the Environmental Applications to Joint Federal Provincial Environmental Assessment Office that presented the results of our impact assessment and potential mitigation options, and
  • attending public information meetings and open houses to answer questions from the public relating to potential noise impacts and their mitigation.

Since the completion of the Environmental Assessment phase, Wakefield Acoustics Ltd. has been providing ongoing “owner’s engineer” services for the MoT in relation to the detailed noise mitigation design and other acoustical issues for PMH1 and SFPR .