The Sea to Sky Project


The announcement of the awarding of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games to Vancouver/Whistler in 2001, inspired the Sea-to-Sky Highway Improvement Project.  Wakefield Acoustics Ltd. completed a comprehensive environmental noise impact assessment along the 75 km corridor as part of the Environmental Application.  The impact assessment consisted of documenting the baseline noise environment in numerous communities along the route, notably West Vancouver/Horseshoe Bay, Lions Bay, Britannia Beach and Squamish B.C, modeling of future (post-project) highway traffic noise levels at affected residential locations and applying the MoT Policy for Mitigating Highway Noise to determine where mitigation consideration was warranted.

Wakefield Acoustics Ltd was subsequently on the Design/Build/Finance/Operate (DBFO) team that was awarded the contract to build the Sea to Sky highway. Our services consisted of:

  • building a detailed computer noise propagation model of the highway, the complicated local topography and the affected communities to assist in the design of mitigation features, including roadside noise barriers and “Quiet Pavement” at those residential locations that were identified as warranting mitigation consideration,
  • evaluating the effectiveness of Open Graded Friction Coarse pavement(“Quiet Pavement”) as a mitigation approach through extensive testing, and
  • developing and implementing a construction noise control plan to minimize the impact of  on residents of daytime and nighttime construction noise during the accelerated period leading up to the Games.